Foodpax Middle East is putting forward an investment opportunity for investors and strategic partners in its area of expansion to franchise the Foodpax brand.

The Foodpax Franchise is based on 3 key factors:
Location and Premises
The Foodpax Middle East team will identify the most suitable location to set up your Foodpax unit. It will then provide you with the architectural and design guidelines, and the technical and mechanical requirements to build a state of the art food handling unit.

Human Resources
The Foodpax Middle East team will evaluate your human resource needs, assist in the recruitment process and train your workforce to handle effectively the daily flow of operation, product development, and the marketing and sales strategies.

Quality Products
Quality and diversification are key. To that end, the product development and marketing teams will customize your product inventory to best serve the needs of your market. The quality control team will ensure the maintenance of all hygiene requirements at all times.

All Foodpax products are freshly frozen and divided into 4 categories:
Fish and other Seafood
Meat and Poultry
Vegetables and Potatoes
Finger Foods and Pastries

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Franchise details

Foodpax Cyprus
Foodpax Kuwait in progress
Foodpax Qatar in progress